The Mecan

I was finally back in Wisconsin this weekend, after a business trip to Las Vegas that came on the heels of our backpacking trip in Grand Teton National Park.

 Yesterday, it was in the 80s °F, so I went swimming (for maybe the last time this year) in Lake Winnebago. This morning was a little drizzley, perfect weather for trout fishing.

I found a section of the Mecan River that I have never fished before. It was a challenging walk from the parking spot to the stream, but when I got there, I caught a nice brown trout on my first cast. That’s the way I like to start out a trip!

The Mecan is consistently a beautiful river. The water is clear, so even when you miss landing a fish, you can see it chase or bump the lure. It’s a great place to learn where the trout hide and how to draw them out.

The wading is generally pretty easy, too. The pools aren’t much deeper than four or four and a half feet. The stream is wide and there are few obstacles.

The trout were cooperative today. I caught nineteen browns on one of my gold-bladed home made spinners.

And the really good news was that on the way home Milty-Wilty was still open, so I had a frozen custard.