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I don’t wade fish nearly enough these days, but every once and a while conditions are just right to do it

@sillewa asked, “What did you get it on?“

I got it on a small white curl tail grub, like what you would typically use for crappie. When they’re feeding on small shad it can be a really effective lure for bass too

@sillewa asked, “That’s great, I usually rig my kids up with crappie jigs like that,
white and watermelon with a neon head seem to be really effective? Do
you ever fish crankbaits?”

That’s awesome, I like the plain
unpainted jigheads personally. Though I’m not sure the fish care all
that much. I use crankbaits when I need to, but I will admit I prefer to
use soft plastics. During the fall I tend to throw a lot of shad
patterned crankbaits, that’s a sure fire way to catch a couple of nice
bass where I’m from. I like the 6-8 ft diving depth and tend to target
creek mouths with them. When I get desperate for a bite I’ll also fish
drop offs with them, though honesty these aren’t my favorite lures to
use. When I get too desperate I tend to opt for a bitsy jig.