Pilgrim River

Cindy and I were up in Houghton, Michigan last weekend to meet some friends at McLain State Park. We had a cabin rented there with them.

I tried fishing on an upstream section of the Pilgrim River early on Friday morning. It had been raining on Thursday night, so the water level was up just a little bit.

I wasn’t sure how productive this stream would be, but I got optimistic when I caught a little rainbow on my fourth cast. Although I did see some more trout in the water, that turned out to be the only fish I caught in about an hour of trying.

I fished through a bend in the river and got to the spot I planned to get out. Although it was close to the road on the map, the problem turned out to be elevation. The trip to the road required climb up a steep bank and bluff. After I started sliding down a couple of times, I found a little spring bed that angled up the hill. That did the trick and got me back to the top.

We had breakfast in Calumet, and I had the pastie of my dreams at Roy’s Pasties for lunch later on.

Good times in the U.P.!