More January Trout

It was alarmingly warm for January again today. I took advantage of the nice weather by completing an angling exceursion on the Mecan River.

I tried to be a little smarter than last year, and avoided parking at the bottom of an icy hill this time. Instead, I parked at another DNR lot that was relatively level (but still very icey).

I started seeing trout right off the bat, and saw a nice brown bump the lure on about my fourth cast.

But just like last week, I had to be patient. I caught no trout for the first two hours, and then it started going OK.

I ended up catching five browns before hitting the end of the early season waters and climbing out at a bridge.

On the way back to the car, I was passed by an Amish horse drawn carriage. It seems like there are more of those on the road than cars in this area.