Pine River


It was cold and clear today for my first trip of the year to the Pine River. I arrived at noon, hoping that the water would be warming and the trout would be active.

It never even got up to the mid-20s °F. The cold weather was pretty rough on my equipment. I got my reel wet, and the anti-reverse spring froze in the open position. I was braced for some manual drag engagement in case I caught a big one. Luckily (?) that didn’t happen.

The kinks in my line turned into breaks a couple of times, too. That was from a combination of the cold and the fact I haven’t changed my line in a while.

When I climbed out of the river to get around a deadfall, the sole of one of my wading boots froze to the ground. It pulled off when I jumped back in.

And all the while, I had to melt the ice off of the rod guides on about every third cast.

Next time, I think I’ll wait for it to get above freezing again!

I ended up hooking just one brown trout. But I did enjoy the sunshine, and I saw lots of trout. They just weren’t in the mood to chomp down on the lure.