Book Report


Here’s an article I wrote for our TU chapter newsletter:

Angling with spinning tackle can be a very productive method for catching trout. In fact, it is my favorite trout fishing technique, especially for the small streams of the Central Sands area. Spinning is easy for young anglers to learn, and it can provide variety for fly fishers between hatches or when they want to try their hand at small brushy streams.

A great reference for fishing with spinning equipment is the book Spinner Fishing for Trout by Jeff Deitrich (Stackpole Books, 2003, ISBN 0-8117-3104-9). This is a “how-to” guide, with the subtitle “A proven system of tackle, techniques, and strategies for catching trout”.

Deitrich covers all the necessities, including equipment, casting and retrieving, and where the trout are. His recommendations for equipment direct the reader to good gear at reasonable prices. At the time of writing, his kit of essentials including tackle, wading outfit and license totaled less than $160. Compare that to a good starter kit for fly fishing!

The book also discusses factors other than technique that impact catch rates. For example, Deitrich recommends getting up early (earlier than me!) to be in the stream at dawn. That way, “you can sleep in the afternoon, when everyone else is fishing”. Other pointers are to get out as often as possible (including before and after work) and to keep moving on the stream to get to the fish.

I first encountered this book several years ago when I was stuck at home recovering from surgery. Reading it gave me something to look forward to once I could go outside again. My first day back in the outdoors happened to be the last day of trout season, and I caught a nice brown on my first try. Since then, I’ve continued to follow the system outlined in the book. I’ve enjoyed another 400 trout fishing trips since that first one, and I caught trout on 370 of those trips.

The book is not currently available in print form as a new item, but plenty of used copies can be found via a search of the internet. It is also available in digital format from, Google Books, and Barnes and Noble.