Neenah Creek

I put the beautiful day to good use this afternoon by paying a visit to Neenah Creek in Marquette County. Neenah Creek is about as far as I’ll drive for a one-day trip. It took me an hour and 40 minutes to get there.

While I was fishing, the temperature got up to 46°F. Pretty good for the beginning of March!

The stream did not disappoint. I hooked the first brown trout within five minutes of wading into the stream.

I passed a couple of other anglers. They were headed downstream and I was going upstream, so when I saw them I got out of the stream to leave them a few bends in the river undisturbed. Eventually, I got back in and continued upstream.

In all, I caught six browns – well worth the long drive. And I enjoyed that the only coat I had to wear was my Goretex wind breaker. I made it back home by dinner time.