Happy Monday! I find it hard to be very excited to go back to work considering I just worked a 6 day week and am about to do that again. So to make it a little better here are the adventures Biscuit and I got into this last week.

We went on a lot of short hikes after work this week. All the rivers and creeks were blown out so I didn’t fish much, but she very much enjoyed chasing all the ducks hiding in the flooded fields.

We also hiked a lake that boarders a bison farm. She was very interested by all the smells. And once again enjoyed chasing the ducks. I think it’ll be very easy to train her into a duck dog.

We ended the week with this lovely sunset. She got spayed, microchiped and her last round of shots over the weekend. Her previous owner had neglected her health, but she should be back to healthy now. This will be a relaxed week as she recovers