More After Work

Vacation and cold weather has kept me off the water for the last week, so I was anxious to get out again after work tonight. I picked yet another stretch of Willow Creek, a section I’ve often fished in the early season (going back to the days when the early season didn’t start until March).

Willow Creek can be tricky to wade, and I almost went for a swim when I tripped on a root. I managed to right myself just in time, and suffered nothing worse than one wet sleeve.

I caught the first trout within five minutes. It’s always good to remove the possibility of a skunk at the start.

The sky was overcast and that made it dark early in the evening. I caught four brown trout all together. I quit around 7:00 PM and was back home by 8:15.

Overall, I would rate this as another pleasant night on Willow Creek.