Carolina Camping


I just got back from my annual trip to the Merlefest music festival in Wilkesboro, NC.

As I’ve been doing for several years, I spent my first night in North Carolina in the backcountry on a solo backpackpacking trip. I managed to get in a little trout fishing, too.

The park where I hiked has some wild streams and some stocked streams. I spent a couple of hours before my hike fishing in one of the stocked streams.

Fishing Appalachian streams is hard work The gradients are high, the brush is thick, and the fish are wary.

I managed to catch just one brown trout this year. I caught him on a new version of my silver spinner that I put together with a single hook, as required in NC mountain streams.

My usual backpacking site was off limits because of a tornado that came through last fall. So I picked a new one that happened to be up at the top of a side valley. I got plenty of exercise hiking uphill!

I enjoyed the evening in the woods, and somehow managed to dodge the rain which was plentiful before and after my trip. Then it was off to the festival for four days of overdosing on music.