West Branch

Yesterday turned out to be a great evening to visit the West Branch of the White River after work. I don’t usually fish on Tuesday nights, but Cindy had to work late and it looked like it was going to be the last dry day for a while.

I was pretty excited when I got to one of my usual spots and I started seeing trout all over the place. I could tell that the river has been getting some attention, too. There was less brush on the banks and some new pools and underwater cover had been put in in place.

I caught a few small ones before too long, and then a steady stream throughout my wade.

I hit on more rainbows than I have the last few years. I caught seven. Three were in the 9 to 12 inch range and the biggest was 13 inches.

I caught a bunch of brown trout, too, a total of 28. The biggest was also 13 inches.

I believe that this catch of 35 trout is my record for an after-work trip.

And to make the night even better, Milty Wilty was open for the season, so I stopped for a cone in Wautoma.