Mecan River


We had a little more rain this week, and I noticed it when I arrived at an upstream section of the Mecan River this morning. The water level was up significantly, and that made the wading a little trickier than usual. But the fish didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think the high water encouraged some of the big ones to come out and play.

I caught the first brown on the third cast, and it didn’t let up from there. The catching was best early in the morning while it was cloudy, before the sun came out.

The fish must have been hungry, because several swallowed the lure pretty deep. I managed to free most of those hooks successfully with some delicate forceps work.

As usual, I had better luck in the unimproved sections of the stream, I think because the trout hiding in the structures were too smart to come out. I did manage to tempt the nicest trout of the day out from under the leading edge of an overhang structure, though.

The sun came out mid-morning, and while that made for a nice day, the trout started to hunker down.

After catching a total of 22 brown trout, I climbed out to head home. I hiked back to the car on a pleasant section of the Ice Age Trail, and passed a couple of other hikers on the way.