Triple Play on the Chocolay


While we were in Marquette, MI for Memorial Day weekend, I visited one of my favorite sections of the Chocolay River there on Saturday morning. This part of the river is unique in that it transitions from rainbow territory (actually baby steelhead) to brown trout to brookies over the course of a mile. So, I like to try for all three.

Despite predictions of rough weather, the morning ended up clear and beautiful. I was glad I got to the river at sunrise before it got too bright and the fish went into hiding.

I started catching bunches of small rainbows immediately. As I moved upstream, I caught a few browns and then a couple of brookies. Mission accomplished, I completed my triple play.

I climbed out before I got into the thick of the brookie turf. The day was warming up, and I wanted to get back to town for some bicycle riding.

My total for the morning was 14 rainbows, 5 browns, and 2 brook trout.

(Look at the picture below, and I bet you can guess why this is called the Chocolay.)