Flume Creek


The summer solstice was last week, so I was up at 3:30 AM this morning to get to my favorite section of Flume Creek at sunrise. I had already scouted this section once several weeks ago, but it was heavily flooded from rain.

The stream level was high again today, but at least it was fishable this time. I could see lots of ways the earlier flooding has changed the river. There were many deadfalls from trees that fell when the banks washed out. And overall the stream was significantly wider than in past years. I guess the weather takes it toll on small creeks like this one.

The water was murky from the high flow. I couldn’t see the fish unless they followed the lure close to me and close to the surface. Even so, I saw way more trout than I was able to land.

I did manage to catch and release three brookies in about three hours of fishing,

I treated myself to breakfast in Iola, and stopped to take my first swim this year in Lake Emily.

The early sunrise let me have all that fun in the morning and still make it back home to Appleton before noon.