West Branch

Thursday afternoon after work, I headed to the Wautoma area with my friend Kip. It was nice to have company. Kip had not been out stream fishing in a while, and I thought the West Branch of the White River would be a great place to reintroduce him to the sport.

We stopped for sandwiches and ice cream cones on the way, so we arrived at the stream ready for a pleasant evening of angling. I dropped Kip off on a promising section and the circled back downstream about a quarter of a mile to try my own luck.

I let my reel go under on Wednesday night, and it was still in the process of drying out. So I grabbed my backup rod (a slightly lesser make of St. Croix which I never actually used until now). That rod came with some kind of magic built into it. I caught a nice brown on my very first cast and a small rainbow on the second!

I worked my way back upstream and eventually met up with Kip. On the way, I caught seven browns and three rainbows.

We climbed out at around 7:15 PM for the ride back home.