The Mecan


Sunday morning was supposed to be overcast, warm and humid. The forecasters got the hot and humid right, but missed on the clouds because it was sunny for a good part of the early morning.

It was a nice but sweaty time to be out angling on the Mecan River. The mosquitoes sure seemed to enjoy it!

One lone kayaker came through while I was fishing under a bridge. We exchanged reports of all the deer we had been seeing that morning.

I was able to draw out many brown trout and could see them chase the lure, but they just weren’t biting.

I had reel trouble, too. I think another spring broke in my expensive Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reel. That’s kind of a pain. I’ve sent for spare parts and fixed it before, but by the time I spend the money for shipping and the effort it takes to replace a spring, I’d be better off ordering a cheap Chinese reel off of Amazon. There are plenty of decent reels there that cost less than the price of the repair. I may just consider that going forward.

I fished for four hours, wading just over a mile, and managed to land just three browns.

I cooled off with a dip in Lake Alpine on the way home.