Pine River

To celebrate the 4th, I got up early this morning to return to a favorite stretch of the Pine River. I wasn’t alone, the mosquitoes got up early, too!

It was warm, but not as oppressively so as other recent days. The river flow was about normal and the water was reasonably clear.

I started fishing at about dawn. I didn’t catch anything right away, but I did see a few follows. I’m always encouraged when I know the trout are there.

This section is a fairly easy wade. There were no wader-topping deep holes and the bottom is sandy but comfortably firm.

I finally started catching browns about a half hour into my wade. I hooked way mare than I was able to land. If I pulled in every one I had hooked, my catch total would have been triple what it was. Why are there days like this where the fish just don’t want to chomp down?

The catching continued until the sun got too bright. I caught 13 browns (moostly small but with a couple of nice ones thrown in) and one lonely brook trout. I waded over a mile and by the time I walked back to the car I had logged two and a quarter miles.

I headed into Wild Rose for breakfast at the recently reopened Chatterbox Cafe. Finally, I topped off the morning with a pleasant swim in Kusel Lake on the way back home.