Chaffee Creek

After a couple of days of bicycle riding down in Chicago, I wasn’t sure I would feel rested enough to get up before 4:00 AM this morning. But I woke up before the alarm went off at 3:45, and thought I could beat the bright sunshine if I got to Chaffee Creek before sunrise.

Chaffee is the stream I always think of when I think of big fish in a small stream. The wading is sometimes difficult. The flow is narrow enough that the brush bridges over and doing the limbo is required. There are deep holes on some of the bends (that’s where the big ones are hiding). And there are soft spots in the sand where you can sink quickly to above the ankle. But the trout are in there.

I caught my first trout in the pool where I jumped in. That took the pressure off so I could enjoy the rest of the wade.

Until the sun rose high in the sky, I caught a mix of small and decent-sized browns. After the sky brightened, even the deep bends were illuminated, and that was the end of the catching for the day.

I caught a total of six brown trout and waded about a mile.

I went for a swim in Curtis Lake to wash off the bug spray and stopped for lunch in Wautoma. And, as usual, I stopped for an ice cream at Milty Wilty.