Crystal Clear

After work yesterday I drove west past Wautoma to fish in the crystal clear waters of the West Branch of the White River. The water was so transparent that I could easily make eye contact with the trout. I could see them, and unfortunately they could also see me. It was a good set of conditions for observing the fish and their reaction to the lure. There were loads of trout, but most of them just let the spinner pass on by. Some noticed it and followed it for while and then headed for cover. Some were scared by it, and high tailed away as quickly as they could. Every once in a while one would take it.

I caught mostly clueless small ones. The nicest was the one shown in this picture. I got him by blindly casting around a bend so neither of us could see the other.

Although they weren’t bad at first, later in the twilight the mosquitoes and flies came out with a vengence. I ended up hiking out through a swamp, and just about choked on all the bugs attacking my face. Sometimes, that part makes me wonder why I like being out in the woods in the summer at all.

My catch tally was three rainbows and four browns. And I made note of where the really big ones were trying to hide in the clear water for when I come back next time.