Yesterday I Fished the Tomorrow

I missed fishing last weekend because I was off on vacation, meeting family in Milwaukee and Madison. There was some promising water nearby on some days, but it wasn’t that kind of vacation.

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and after work I headed for a section of the Tomorrow River that I haven’t fished in several years, and only once before in the evening. I forgot how close this spot is, vand I made it there in sixty minutes.

As soon as I waded in I could see trout, but they were not inclined to be very cooperative. I easily induced them to follow the lure, but they would not take it.

The river has been getting lots of attention in this stretch. Some pretty serious sandbag work has been done to narrow the channel. Thanks to those who did all that work!

I finally did catch a brown trout. I caught a second brown on one of the rare occasions where I guessed where a trout should be and cast precisely to that spot.

The heat wave broke a little, and the mosquitoes took some time off, so it was a very pleasant evening to be out on a stream (even if I only caught two trout).

I could tell that we’re just about half way through summer. Twilight is coming earlier, and so I made it home to watch a little TV with Cindy before bedtime.