Trouty Weather

The weekend started out cloudy and drizzly (just like the trout like it!), and that was still the weather this morning when I headed to a cedar swamp section of Flume Creek.

Getting to the starting point on public lands required some precision navigation. There is 16.5 foot wide right of way that is about a third of a mile long and involves a 90 degree turn. The surrounding land is heavily posted, so the route is not for the faint of heart. I had the coordinates programmed into my GPS and a compass in hand the whole time for the hike in.

When I arrived at the stream, I could tell right away that the trout were out in numbers. I caught the first brookie on my second cast, Loads of trout were visible all morning. It was fun to draw them out, even when I didn’t connect with them.

The trout I caught were in pretty predictable places, along deep banks and upstream of wood piles. Sometimes Flume Creek yields mostly dinky brook trout, but today they were mostly mid-sized. The majority were in the 9-10 inch range with a few bigger and a few smaller.

I caught and released an even 50 brook trout. What a great way to spend a cloudy morning! And I got my exercise – the GPS showed 3.9 miles by the time I got back to the car.

I stopped in Iola for lunch, and went for a swim in Shadow Lake when I passed back through Waupaca on the way home.