Willow Creek Storm

I debated whether to fish on Wednesday after work because the forecast called for thunderstorms. But at the end of the workday, I checked the weather one more time and it looked like there would be a window between the storms. I decided to go for it, and picked a stretch of Willow Creek I had never visited before.

The storm predicted at 4:00 never passed through, and when I arrived after that it was actually quite sunny for a while. This section of the river was typical for Willow, sometimes choked off with brush and in other spots so wide as to be pond-like. I usually fish in the upstream sections of this stream. This was the furthest downstream I’ve ever fished Willow Creek.

I didn’t see a lot of trout where I jumped in. I did catch one brown hiding under a log, but it was a long wait for the next one.

I was within sighting distance of my climbing out point when it started to rain. When the thunder started, I got out early and walked through a swamp and someone’s back yard to make it back to the car before it started pouring.

I caught seven brown trout and was successful in staying (mostly) dry despite the rain.