Sierra Trout Part Two

After our first night of camp, we took a cross-country day hike and followed a drainage up to Half Moon Lake. I knew there were plenty of fish in this lake from my last visit two years ago.

The lake is fun to fish, because it is pretty easy to guess where the trout were hiding. Abrupt drop-offs and wood piles tend to be very productive. I cast for a while when we stopped for lunch, and then at several spots on the hike back (we headed overland to pick up a marked trail for the return trip). I’m sure I could have stayed longer and caught many more fish, but the third one I caught was a nice brookie and the lure nicked his gill rakers and that was the end of him. I quit at that point because I did not want to spoil any more of the resource.

We finally found the trail when were were just about giving up and I resorted to pulling out my GPS. We saw the trail only twelve feet away when some other hikers passed by going toward the lake.

The only downside of taking the trail back was that we lost too much altitude and had to hike uphill part of the way to return to our camp on Susie Lake. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon admiring the view from there.