Radley Creek

Thursday night I went camping with some musical friends at Hartman Creek State Park near Waupaca. I got up early on Friday to do a little fishing in Radley Creek.

The weather was really perfect for trout angling. The sky was overcast, and it was even a little foggy for the first part of the morning.

I hiked through the woods to start out further downstream than I have even been before on this river. As I fished back upstream, I started seeing some trout right away, and I know if I can see them I can usually catch at least one.

The water was not quite as deep as the last time I fished here, but there were still a few holes I had to circumvent by getting out and walking around.

I caught a couple of small ones, and then finally a nice one who was hiding under some brush. That big one made the trip worthwhile.

I decided to quit while I was ahead, and climbed out when I was only half way back to the car. At that point I had caught and released eight broown trout.

I couldn’t find any place open for breakfast in King on a Friday morning, so I headed to a new place in Waupaca instead.

I made it back to the park in time to participate in some jamming around the campfire and swimming across a lake for exercize. In all, it was a very fun weekend.