Black Bladed Spinner Time

Yesterday after work I headed to the West Branch of the White River. The sun was shining and the water was really clear. As is my usual practice, I tied on one of my home-made silver spinners.

I almost always use silver. There are lots of theories about lure color. I debunked most of those, at least for myself, by going a whole year without using anything but silver. I caught just as many fish overall that year as I usually catch.

But based on a comment sent to this blog, for the last few years I sometimes pull out a black spinner. My rule of thumb is to do that only if I see the trout actively running away from the lure. That usually happens in clear water when the sun is shining.

I fished for an hour with silver and caught one small brown. I saw trout running from the lure, so I switched to black. I immediately caught a twelve inch rainbow. Soon after, I caught a couple of nice browns and continued to land trout at a rate of at least one every fifteen minutes. Was it the black blade, or was it the sun sinking in the sky? I guess I don’t know for sure, but I will be careful to always pack a few black spinners from now on.

It ended up being a very pleasant night, and I totaled eight browns and one rainbow.