West Branch

My old reliable stretch of the West Branch of the White River was not quite as reliable as usual this morning. But it was still fun, and I did catch some trout even if they weren’t as numerous or as large as on past trips.

This section offers the opportunity for a trout “triple play” – brown, rainbow, and brookie from the same stream in a day. I’ve done it here before.

I caught a small brown right off the bat, but that was it for a while. I had no trouble flushing the fish and getting them to chase and bump the lure, but they weren’t in the mood to get hooked today. The weather conditions (foggy and cloudy) seemed right, but maybe the trout don’t read the same books I do.

Eventually, the catching picked up a little. I caught a couple of small rainbows and several small browns, with one decent one thrown in. Alas, I did not land a brook trout, so no triple play for me today.

I caught six browns and two rainbows, and finished up in time to go for a swim in Curtis Lake before lunch.