A Frosty Morning

For what will be my last trip of the regular trout season in Wisconsin, I fished Soules Creek near Wautoma this morning. It was good and cold when I started. I know for sure that it was below freezing because I had to chip ice off of the guides between casts. It felt cold, too.

There weren’t as many trout in a biting mood as when I fished this same spot a year ago. But on about the third bend in the river I caught the first brown trout.

The next two after that were nice size trout for a stream as small as Soules. It always amazes me how there can be decent trout in streams that are small enough to span with outstretched arms.

As the sun came out and it warmed up, the fish went back into hiding. I did hook one more big one, but he managed to self-release before I was able to land him.

It was a sad sight on the way home to see Milty-Wilty closed for the season. Even though I wasn’t really in the mood for a frozen custard, I don’t like thinking about the long wait until next spring to get one.