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I don’t usually catch Redear Sunfish in the main section of this lake, but today I stumbled across a few

The Bluegill tore my fly to shreds this day, but they were a nice distraction while waiting for a carp to bite

This little cove was full of these little panfish, it was a great day to be out fly fishing

Here is another example of the color variations in Bluegill

This is by far my favorite creek to fish, you really never know what you are going to catch. Today it was Bluegill, the time before Black Crappie and before that Yellow Bullheads.

I’ve finally gotten my fly casts down to the point where I can land my fly on the head of a fish. Luckily these competitive sunfish can’t help but hit a fly if it lands right on top of them

Did some lazy night fishing trying to get my first Yellow Bass on my fly rod

We may not have trout here, but it is hard to be upset casting a fly at these chunky Bluegill

I may look like a dork. But I’m a happy dork catching crappie on the fly and that’s good enough for me

I decided today seemed like a nice day to target crappie on the fly rod