Category: bank fishing

I really do enjoy the time of year where I can target crappie with these tiny soft plastic lures

It took me a while today, but I finally managed to hook into a White Crappie

I’m not sure what happened today, for the last week I’ve been consistently catching decent crappie from this lake but today I wasn’t able to catch anything bigger than these little guys

This is about as big as the Bluegill get in this lake

I caught my first Black Crappie from this lake early in the week and I was trying to find another one. All of the juveniles I’ve caught so far are White Crappies, so I’m not sure if their is a big enough population of Black Crappie in this lake to reproduce. The only way to find out for sure is to fish this lake more!

I was curious if changing color jigs would change the size fish I was catching. So I changed from a white jig to a green jig and it had the opposite effect I was going for. The fish were consistently smaller on this color, and then when I switched back to white I started catching larger fish again.

The crappie are back in the shallows, which means I could break out the finesse jigs again. This is always my favorite time of the year!

This little cove was full of these little panfish, it was a great day to be out fly fishing

There were only Bluegill in this stretch of the creek today, I guess all of the other fish moved to some of the deeper sections

I can’t wait to see this guy again when he is in full spawning colors