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The electric shades of Longear Sunfish 

Mozambique Tilapia in the urban jungle

Flood creeks and little catfish

“You can’t catch filter feeders on hook and line”

Challenge accepted

Longnose Gar make for sight fishing perfection

We haven’t gotten any rain in far too long. The farmers like it because they can start harvesting the corn early. But us fisherman could really benefit from a few storms

A fun day wading the creek resulted in a good number of Hybrid Sunfish and tiny Largemouth Bass

Biscuit and I wade fishing at the creek

This little creek looked like the perfect habitat for some big Bowfin, sadly all that seemed to be biting the day I was there was Bluegill

Only little Bluegill were willing to bite in this stretch of the creek today. Still a good excuse to get out and wade a little!