Category: fly fishing

I am nothing if not stubborn. Took a while, but finally got a little fish to take a fly from this urban pond

Saved a turtle from the road and then caught a quick fish from the creek he was traveling to

A typical day of fishing for little stocked trout

Storm clouds and fly rods

Sometimes you just have to cast out a dry fly and see what is willing to bite

After standing in a freezing cold downpour, I was lucky enough to find some very hungry trout willing to hit a simple hopper pattern

Few things are as exciting as seeing these fish chase down a dry fly

What a great way to break in a new fly rod

These fish may not be very impressive, but they were rather special to me. My father and I went on one last fishing trip together before I moved away from Indiana

I had a very long day at work, but I wanted to escape to the creek for a few minutes before going home. I found a few hungry panfish without much trouble