Category: jig fishing

The Crappie really outnumbered the Bluegill today, it won’t be long before the crappie go back deep and the Bluegill take over the shallows again

I always find it interesting the different ways a Bluegill and Crappie will hit a jig underneath a float, this little guy absolutely hammered the jig

It was an odd day of crappie fishing, I’d catch a decent one then a really small one and then restart that cycle

This was one of those weird days where I struggled to even find a Bluegill, but after far too long I managed to find one of the tiniest little crappie

It’s amazing how much creek crappie love nightcrawlers

I’m really starting to wonder why I ever fished with anything other than 1/64 oz jigs

It was the first sunny day in what felt like weeks and the crappie were loving the warming water

A little Bluegill on a very chilly day

I’ve been trying to figure out how to fish jigs under a float and I just couldn’t get a fish to commit doing that today. As soon as I took the float off I started catching fish again

I guess somebody found my trusty bluegill spot because I couldn’t get a big bluegill to bite for the life of me