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This is about as big as the Bluegill get in this lake

This was one of those weird days where I struggled to even find a Bluegill, but after far too long I managed to find one of the tiniest little crappie

It’s amazing how much creek crappie love nightcrawlers

I’m really starting to wonder why I ever fished with anything other than 1/64 oz jigs

It was the first sunny day in what felt like weeks and the crappie were loving the warming water

I have finally figured out the crappie in this pond! They are really heavily pressured but I’m finally catching them consistently 

It was just starting to snow, but the crappie bite was on so I kept fishing until my guides starting freezing up

They absolutely destroyed this jig today, by the end of the day it was totally unraveled. Time to tie up another batch!

A little Bluegill on a very chilly day

I’ve been trying to figure out how to fish jigs under a float and I just couldn’t get a fish to commit doing that today. As soon as I took the float off I started catching fish again