Category: largemouth bass fishing

Kayaks, frogs and bucketmouths

I don’t usually enjoy specializing in one specific species when I go fishing, but every now and again I have to chase a decent bass

They only seemed to get smaller as the day went on

There was a creek entrance to this lake and a bunch of docks. Couldn’t ask for an easier bass habitat to fish

It is always fun when you get to sight fish a bass, even when it is a little one

One of the healthiest looking bass I’ve ever seen from this creek

Fish and storm clouds, two of my favorite things

I know it may come as a surprise, but I still do go bass fishing on rare occasions

I decided I would try fishing one of the more popular shelves on this lake and before long I was hooked into my first fish here

My compilation of accidental Largemouth Bass catches while trying to catch some crappie