Category: micro fishing

The middle of January and these little Southern Redbelly Dace still look brilliant as ever

Tiny fish are sometimes the most gorgeous

Orangespotted Sunfish

This little stream is home to one of my favorite native species: the Spottail Darter! Along with him there are a number of Bluntnose Minnows, Silverjaw Minnows and Creek Chubs. It is amazing how much life can be in a three foot wide creek!

A chilly day of hiking along the creek in search of fossils. After finding a few I hadn’t seen in the area before I decided to catch a few little Creek Chubs

Slow bite? Try smaller hooks

A big male Spotfin Shiner from the creek while microfishing

A common catch in Indiana creeks, the ever abundant Creek Chub

A little Silver Chub found my bait while I was microfishing for small minnows

I couldn’t resist devoting a few minutes to microfishing the Ohio River. I was rewarded with an ever common Emerald Shiner

There are few fish as aggressive as these little Warmouth