Category: ohio river

Releasing a Blue Catfish back to the flooded river

The advantage of living in a state where you can fish with multiple rods

A solid Hybrid Striped Bass, an absolute blast on my ultralight

Flooded waters, my favorite challenge to decode

When the Ohio River is at pool stage I love sitting on the boat ramps and fishing for the little sunfish that are hanging around in the slack current

Sunsets and baby Flathead Catfish. Sounds like a good night to me

The little Flathead Catfish were hungry tonight! 

A nighttime Longear Sunfish from the Ohio River. I love when these little guys end up finding my baits

Some late night ultralight fishing resulted in this little Smallmouth Buffalo and a number of little Channel Catfish

After all the Mooneye I have caught, I finally managed to land a Goldeye!