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Cold hands and winter rains

We haven’t gotten any rain in far too long. The farmers like it because they can start harvesting the corn early. But us fisherman could really benefit from a few storms

A fiery sunset over the Ohio River resulted in a rare river redear

I had a very long day at work, but I wanted to escape to the creek for a few minutes before going home. I found a few hungry panfish without much trouble

I don’t usually catch Redear Sunfish in the main section of this lake, but today I stumbled across a few

Sometimes the long hikes back to these secluded lakes are totally worth it, this lake had some of the best panfish fishing I’ve come across in a while

This is the first Redear Sunfish I have ever seen from this creek

This lake has the most ridiculous number of Bluegill and Redear Sunfish I have ever seen, I couldn’t get my jigs to the bottom before a fish had already taken the lure

I’ve finally gotten my fly casts down to the point where I can land my fly on the head of a fish. Luckily these competitive sunfish can’t help but hit a fly if it lands right on top of them

This little Redear Sunfish had the most subtle red spot on its opercular flap