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Wedde Creek


I like to stare at the map once in a while to come up with a new spot to fish. That’s what I did on Wednesday to come up with a section of Wedde Creek to target.

It was a bright blue sky afternoon when I left work. I was hoping there would be some shade on the stream, and there was. But the fish weren’t very active, even in the shadows, and even in the deep bends on this little river.

It was another wonderful time to be out wading in a stream, though. The sky stayed blue, the mosquitoes remained calm, and the wading was pretty easy. The hike to and from the creek was easy because there wasn’t much undergrowth in the mixed pine/oak savannah here.

I fished for more than three hours and managed to land only one small brown trout after the sun started to set. The evening was so pleasant and enjoyable that I would gladly do it again, even for one trout.

The other good news was that I scouted out some new stretches on Chaffee Creek nearby for some future trips. There are a lot of trout stream miles over by the town of Dakota!



It’s that time of year when the alarm clock needs to go off really early in order to make it to the river by dawn. Because the weather report called for cloudy skies, I treated myself to some extra sleep and didn’t get up until 4:00 this morning.

When I got to my chosen section of the Tomorrow River, I jumped in and caught a nice brown on my third cast. That’s the way I like to start a trip!

The water level was about average, making the wading pretty easy. The temperature was down in the low sixties °F, and that slowed down the mosquitoes a little compared to my last couple of trips.

I caught a mix of little ones and bigger fish, for a total of nine brown trout. Before I climbed out, I encountered two kayakers out enjoying a morning paddle.

I topped off my morning with breakfast at The Wooden Chair in Stevens Point.

Clear and Sunny


Yesterday after work I headed to the gin-clear waters of the West Branch of the White River. The forecast at one point called for clouds and a little rain, so I thought it would be a good evening to try one of my favorite, twisty sections of the river.

The meteorologist was off, though, and it ended up being a bright blue-sky afternoon. Sunlight and super clear water are not a very good combination for bringing the fish out. Things started pretty slow, but it was still fun to be out on this beautiful stretch.

The fishing finally picked up when the sun sank behind the trees. I caught seven browns and one small rainbow.

I hated to have to climb oout just as the trout started cooperating, but it was getting dark and I needed to head home. The good news is that I left some of this section unfished, so I can plan another visit sometime later in the season.


Leaky Waders

In my last post covering my after-work trip to the West Branch of the white River, I forgot to mention a run-in with some barbed wire. I thought my waders survived the encounter unscathed, but this morning my soggy right leg suggested otherwise.

Last night, I set my alarm for a bright and early 3:45 AM wake-up so I could make it to the Mecan River not long after sunrise. Apparently, the mosquitoes were on a similar schedule. They were downright brutal as I donned my gear and walked down to the river.

It was one of those days where there were a lot of trout out but they didn’t always chomp down on the lure. If they had, I would have caught significantly more than I did.

I don’t think there is a prettier river in our part of the state than the Mecan. It opens up enough to allow a view of the woods, and the wading is easy. There are periodic stretches of public access, although sometimes (like today) it can be a long way between jumping in and climbing out on public lands.

The fishing was just about ideal for me – lots of small ones to feed my sense of accomplishment and several big ones to add to the excitement. I caught 31 browns and 2 brookies. 

Staying busy with catching and releasing all those fish kept my mind off of my leaking waders and my soggy foot.

A Rainy Day


Yesterday, it rained most of the day and the forecasters predicted more rain after work. I checked the radar, and it looked like there might be a clear spell for a while around Wautoma, so I headed off to the West Branch of the White River anyway.

I drove through several heavy rain squalls, but when I arrived at the river, the showers had subsided. It was very humid, and the mosquitoes were merciless (even 100% DEET wouldn’t stop them – I kept sweating it off).

The stream was flooded from the earlier rain, but I found some browns hiding out in a couple of protected pools. I caught one in the first pool, and then four in the second pool, and that was it for the night.

But I have to say the trip was worth it and I’m glad I didn’t chicken out because of the weather.


Triple Play on the Chocolay


While we were in Marquette, MI for Memorial Day weekend, I visited one of my favorite sections of the Chocolay River there on Saturday morning. This part of the river is unique in that it transitions from rainbow territory (actually baby steelhead) to brown trout to brookies over the course of a mile. So, I like to try for all three.

Despite predictions of rough weather, the morning ended up clear and beautiful. I was glad I got to the river at sunrise before it got too bright and the fish went into hiding.

I started catching bunches of small rainbows immediately. As I moved upstream, I caught a few browns and then a couple of brookies. Mission accomplished, I completed my triple play.

I climbed out before I got into the thick of the brookie turf. The day was warming up, and I wanted to get back to town for some bicycle riding.

My total for the morning was 14 rainbows, 5 browns, and 2 brook trout.

(Look at the picture below, and I bet you can guess why this is called the Chocolay.)


Willow Creek


The mosquitoes were out in force for the first time tonight when I fished an upstream section of Willow Creek after work. This area is a little swampy and pretty overgrown later in the season, so May is a good time to tackle it.

I started seeing trout right away, and even had a few bumps early on. It didn’t take too long to land the first trout.

The water level was up a little, but not too bad. This stretch is pretty tight with overhanging brush, although the wading was reasonable.

I quit a little early because I was starting to encounter deadfalls and the mosquitoes were starting to distract me.

Even so, I finished with an even dozen brown trout for my efforts.

I completed the drive back home by about 8:30 PM.


Pine River

I just finished another nice trip. This morning I headed back to the Pine River, this time to a downstream section.

It was raining a little when I entered the river around sunrise. The fishing started off pretty slow, and I caught only an occasional tiny trout.

The weather improved throughout the morning, and so did the fishing. Midway through I landed my biggest trout of the year so far. Midsize and big trout kept coming until I had landed twenty-nine and it was time to head back.

The GPS told me I had fished almost four miles, so I was happy when someone stopped to offer me a ride back to my car.

It was lunchtime by the time I hit the road, and so I headed to Pumphouse on the Mill in Wild Rose for a sandwich. The food was good, and you can beat the outside view of the mill pond. 

One Beautiful Night

It was warm and bright on Wednesday. That doesn’t usually make for very good fishing, but the sunshine felt so good after all of our cold this spring that I had to give it a try anyway.

I headed to an upstream stretch of the Pine River. The water level was just about ideal, having come back down from the recent rain. That made the wading easy.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a pleasant evening on the river. This was one of the best five or six most enjoyable after work trips ever. The big fish weren’t biting much. I did hook a couple, but I couldn’t land them. 

I did catch eight small browns, but tonight it wasn’t just about the fish. It was nice to be outside at night wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Mecan River


We had a little more rain this week, and I noticed it when I arrived at an upstream section of the Mecan River this morning. The water level was up significantly, and that made the wading a little trickier than usual. But the fish didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think the high water encouraged some of the big ones to come out and play.

I caught the first brown on the third cast, and it didn’t let up from there. The catching was best early in the morning while it was cloudy, before the sun came out.

The fish must have been hungry, because several swallowed the lure pretty deep. I managed to free most of those hooks successfully with some delicate forceps work.

As usual, I had better luck in the unimproved sections of the stream, I think because the trout hiding in the structures were too smart to come out. I did manage to tempt the nicest trout of the day out from under the leading edge of an overhang structure, though.

The sun came out mid-morning, and while that made for a nice day, the trout started to hunker down.

After catching a total of 22 brown trout, I climbed out to head home. I hiked back to the car on a pleasant section of the Ice Age Trail, and passed a couple of other hikers on the way.