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Warm water and Cichlids

Mozambique Tilapia in the urban jungle

Talk about gorgeous fish! Between the red lining on the fins and the dark scales I don’t know how you couldn’t like these fish

Easily the oddest proportioned Tilapia I caught while I was in California

Talk about color variations in these fish! I suspect most of these Tilapia are actually hybrids so I’m not going to even venture a guess at a specific type, but I thought you all would enjoy seeing how cool juvenile Tilapia look

If you thought there was a chance that I wasn’t going to post a close up of a Tilapia’s face you were very wrong. They are remarkably pretty fish, especially when they are little like this

It would appear Tilapia really aren’t picky about what they eat at all. I’ve caught them on tortillas, homemade bread, corn and worms now

A few unintentional Tilapia catches while fishing for what I thought were little Green Sunfish (little did I know they were actually a much cooler species)

I think you should all know me we well enough by now to know that when I’m exploring a new place there is a 100% chance I will try microfishing there. This time it resulted in a tiny Tilapia 

I had caught my fair share of Tilapia on corn, so I decided to tie on a small jig and see if any other species were hanging around. It didn’t take long to catch a ridiculous number of little Largemouth Bass and even had one little Tilapia crash the party