Category: ultralight fishing

The one fish that always interferes with my plans of catching Flier. The little Bluegill can be incredibly difficult to avoid sometimes

Another fun evening of crappie fishing

I couldn’t find any decent crappie, but as long as I am catching something I’ll be happy

I’m really not sure how I ended up a Warmouth while crappie fishing

It is starting to get warm and the crappie are starting to go deeper. But I still managed to hook into a few of them before it got dark

I’ve stumble upon the pattern that these crappie go shallow right at dusk when the water temperatures get high

Bluegill are one of the most underrated fish around here

My favorite creek is full of these tiny little Black Crappie

These aggressive creek Bluegill are always a great time

I only caught the little ones today, but it was better than catching nothing!